A Letter from The Fencing Athlete

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Dear Reader,

Thanks for taking the time to read The Fencing Athlete! My goal is to add another perspective to the online fencing world.

Many of the top athletes in fencing have had a tendency to stay out of the discussion of the sport on the internet, choosing instead to focus on building their own games. I want to change that with TheFencingAthlete.com by voicing ideas from fencers who have poured years of their lives into the sport and are succeeding at the very highest level. Many of the top fencers in the country (and only the top ranked fencers) will be posting on fencing philosophy, tactics, sports psychology, training advice, and equipment reviews.

I’m hoping that by bringing these seldom-voiced perspectives to the forefront of fencing discussion, it’ll help all different levels of fencers learn to look at fencing through a different lens and fuel innovative discussions that we can all benefit from. I believe it can quickly become the most credible resource for the sport on the web.

Be sure to support all of our elite athlete writers on their quest for greatness by following and liking their pages on social media.

Thanks again for reading!

-Jonathan Yergler


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