Viniti FIE Epee Blade

viniti blade pic

Price Range: $95 – $120

Durability: Excellent

Flexibility: Generally on the flexible end from my experience

Value: Good

Weight: A bit heavier than most, especially near the base and possibly the tip

Where can you buy it? : The Fencing Post, Absolute Fencing, Blade Fencing, Sword Masters


I personally am not a fan of these blades. The two or three that I’ve had in my career have all been certifiable noodles (and not exactly al dente noodles either). Like any blade model, some blades are more flexible than others, but in my experience, the stiffest ones are far too bendy for my taste.

Even though I don’t like them myself, I have to admit that the blade has some excellent qualities about it. First of all, I have never broken one of these blades while fencing. They are very durable. For me this was a point of frustration because I hated fencing with this thing and I just wanted to be done with it. After about a year and a half with one of them I ended up trading it / giving it away to another fencer who likes his blades all bendy and such.

The blade is a bit heavier than other models (which some people like for the extra force it puts behind your blade actions) and the weight distribution is such that there is a little extra in the tip and at the base of the blade. The extra bit at the tip can help with flicks and the weight at the base can help reinforce your parries if you have the general arm strength to fence the full 9 min with a slightly heavier blade.

In fact, I know a good number of other fencers who absolutely love these blades. I suppose there’s something empowering about having a hefty hunk of metal like this in your hand when you step up on strip. But it’s just not for me.

You can buy these online at The Fencing Post site or you can swing by their booth at the next competition and check out what they have.

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