8 comments on “A Guide to Shadow Fencing

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  2. Jonathan, great article on shadow fencing! I create a similar exercise for myself, however using the mirror as my shadow. I use very similar situational setups as you describe above, but in addition, the mirror let me visually check my form, body position, transition from offense to defense and visa versa; hand positions during movements on the strip. I also use the mirror image to see if my point is on target (my opponent if my reflection so if I am hitting that guy in the mirror I feel comfortable I will during a real bout), is my angulation correct and so on. As someone who had to work on his own for so many years without a formal coach, I have found this drill to be extremely effective at keeping my form and movements clean, and precise. Thanks for a great article.

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  4. Great article. I do some shadow fencing, but I didn’t realize it was actually a training technique. This article gave me some new ideas about how to use it, particularly in front of the mirror. Thanks!

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