2 comments on “Train Smarter and Harder

  1. I would really like to hear more about your situational drills to hone those actions at decision points.

    When we do those repetitive footwork drills I have the HS team do a progressive set of footwork so that each repetition is a little different. Each has a change in direction at a different point.
    Adv Adv Adv lunge (recover typ)
    Ret Adv Adv lunge
    Ret Ret Adv lunge
    Ret Ret Ret lunge
    Adv Adv lunge Adv
    Adv Adv lunge Ret
    Adv Ret lunge Ret
    Ret Ret lunge Ret
    etc. Thats halfway through, you get the idea.

    It’s hard to get the progression right especially as you get tired the concentration starts to fail. I like that it is a self contained drill that can be done as a group (with 30 or more fencers at a practice I can’t work with all of them privately)

    I also can check and give quick feedback if they are getting very uneven between advance and retreat or floating the lunge since they should end up back where the start.

    I had another coach that was a big proponent of shadow fencing (I think Damien Lehtfeldt wrote about recently). I use that a lot when I practice privately at the gym. I replay tough bouts or visualize a bout with a fencer I struggle with.

    Sam Blanchard

    • Sorry for the slow turn around on a reply.
      I will start working on a few drill posts and see what I can come up with that might be helpful. Stay tuned.

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