4 comments on “Drill: The Glove Game

  1. My issue with the glove game at a higher level is that if you allow attackers not to use their full allotment of footwork, then it is impossible for the defender to know when their role has switched to attacker until after the attacker has already switched to defense mode and is opening distance. This then encouraging chasing the other person while they are moving away, which is generally counterproductive in epee.

    • That is even more of a reason to stay close to your opponent: to be ready to take over in case they decide to switch to defense before they have used all of their steps. If anything I would say that gives the higher level of the game even more depth that can continue to help you improve even after mastering the obvious lessons that the drill teaches.

      • I completely agree with the conventional weapons. But epee really functions differently. The glove game models the turn taking of priority pretty well, but it doesn’t model the way distance and timing work at higher levels in epee.

        • So in that respect no, it does not exactly resemble a high level epee situation. But in all three weapons you need to have sharp footwork so you an stay close to your opponent whether they make a real attack or a broken one. The glove game will enhance your ability to do that.

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